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Service packages and prices

Uhti Open Studio
Service packages and prices

Visitors of the inn are welcomed by
Introduction to the structure and the history of the inn / 15 minutes / 3.00
Visit to the workshop with an opportunity to try your hand at the trade 3.00
Manufacturing of souvenirs with craftsmen is only possible by pre-registration

Master class in the Food Studio by pre-registration 6.00
Manufacturing of sweets by pre-registration 6.00
Manufacturing of hand-wrought souvenirs by pre-registration 6.00
Manufacturing of leather souvenirs by pre-registration 6.00
Good luck button made of clay 3.00
Clay cup by pre-ordering 15.00
Master class in herbs by pre-registration 8.00
Manufacturing of rag dolls 3.00

Bread making – every Tuesday and Thursday
Sweets making – every Friday

Individual courses can be ordered for the Sewing Studio
Manufacturing of stained-glassed windows happens in group courses
Art Studio functions individually in courses

All prices are in Euros and are indicated for one person
Ask for a service package in case of groups

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